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Since a very young age Lisa showed her interest and love for pets. Before Lisa could walk, she would crawl into the crate where the family’s English bulldog, Freckles, ate and slept. Lisa and Freckles grew up together. By 5 years old, she had hamsters and tropical fish. Cleaning the terrariums and aquariums and feeding them was a sense of responsibility. Lisa also took horseback riding lessons from the time she turned 7. She learned how to muck out the stalls, feed and water the horses. When she was 12, she got a horse of her own. A western quarter horse named Classy. Classy was a temperamental mare but Lisa learned how to manage her. She later trained Classy English riding style and jumping as well. To this day, at 26 years old, Classy is still amazing as ever. At 12 years old, she also took on a new passion, dog showing. She began showing English Springer Spaniels in junior showmanship and won many competitions in the breed ring. Lisa volunteered at Friends of Homeless Animals shelter before graduating from high school at Paul VI in Fairfax. She attended Lynn University in Florida where she got the sweetest Bull Mastiff, Whiskey. Whiskey developed bone cancer at 4 years old. Due to her wonderful disposition and Lisa’s loving care, Whiskey lived happily on three legs for over 12 years old. Roger grew up in Lima, Perú. Where he never had the chance to own a dog or other pets but was blessed to share the joy of dogs with family members that owned them. At age 17 he immigrated to the United States. After working in a few customer service jobs, he came across an ad for a dog daycare position. It became his dream job. After a couple of years Roger was promoted to staff trainer and manager. Roger and Lisa met while working together at the dog daycare. Before long they realized they had so much in common and both had a love for dogs. Now they own 2 dogs together an English bulldog named Po Panda and a rescued hound mix named Oliver. They gained experience working at dog daycares, pet sitting, dog walking and grooming parlors. They were dedicated in learning more and more about dog services. Five years ago Roger and Lisa began working at Central Barks. They continued to dream more and more of opening their own dog daycare center. Roger and Lisa both knew that they wanted to dedicate their lives to bring happiness taking care of dogs. Recently, the opportunity of taking over Central Barks arose. Their dreams of opening a dog care facility became a reality on Monday, July 27, 2020. Roger and Lisa are the new owners of Central Barks. The last several months have been a very exciting time for them. On December 15th of 2019, Roger and Lisa got engaged, he chose the stables where Classy is boarded, Lisa’s happy place, to pop the question. They are beginning the adventure of their lives as partners in business and Life. They want to share the adventure with all the dogs and families they will meet at Central Barks.

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