What is training and why do dogs need it?  Training is important to any dog weather it is a puppy or an adult dog and here are some reasons why.

It provides mental stimulation to help keep your dog happy and if training is combined with exercise your dog will be both mentally and physically tired and more likely to sleep during the day.

Our trainer Kelly Knowles has been professionally training dogs for almost ten years.  She has worked with and trained pets, working dogs, competition dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, and law enforcement dogs.

Kelly has trained, competed with, and titled her own dogs in Obedience, Rally Obedience, Dock Diving, and Tricks.  She has trained her dogs and client’s dogs to prepare for competitive scent work and agility as well as the above listed events.  Kelly is a CGC evaluator, a UKC Socialized Pet Obedience Test evaluator, an AKC Farm Dog Certified Judge, a certified trick dog instructor, and a stunt dog judge.

Training begins on 11/11.

The trainer is happy to take any questions clients might have and schedule clients as soon as we take the message and pass it on to her.



The dog will be dropped off for daycare or boarding and while the dog is at Central Barks, it will receive a minimum of one hour of training throughout the day. The trainer will send home a note for the pet parents about what was worked on and how the dog did.

What is drop off training?  Drop off training can work on puppy manners, good adult manners, behavior modification or fun training such as tricks or scent work.

  • $35 in addition to daycare or boarding fees
  • Limited spots available

Private lessons can be done in person or virtual via video chat.  All initial evaluations must be done in person either via in person private lesson or drop off training.

What are private lessons?  Private lessons can work on puppy manners, basic or advanced obedience, CGC prep, behavior modification or just fun training to continue learning with your dog.

  • In person lessons $60/hour
  • In person lessons at the client’s house(within 15 miles) $100/hour
  • Virtual lessons $60/hour

What is puppy class? Puppy class will go over puppy basics and common puppy behaviors and how to stop them. Class will consist of 3 in person one hour group sessions and 3 private 30 minute virtual sessions.

  • $195/puppy

Please be sure to contact us for more information about our services, extra activities and to schedule a non-obligation tour.

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